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Roads Look Like 

The pictures streaming here show exactly why    BoCo FIRM is fighting to get the County fix our roads without new taxes.

Roads do not deteriorate to the conditions shown without a total disregard for routine maintenance. Moss and grass growing in our streets and roads is not acceptable and the County needs to fix these problems. 

The roads have now become a safety issue.
Not only are the subdivision roads an embarrassment for all Boulder County residents, the roads are rapidly becoming and in some cases already are a safety hazard. Residents and the public of all ages use these roads for walking, jogging, and bike riding and there have already been incidents of falls due to tripping and stumbling over pot holes and failed pavement.  How long before someone loses control of their vehicle because of these roads and injures or kills a child? The time to act is now. Join our fight to get these roads fixed now.
Join the fight.
Help BoCo FIRM win the fight to get these streets fixed now. Stay informed. Tell a neighbor. Support our legal battle by sending in a contribution.

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Boulder County fairness in road maintenance (firm)